"We are enthusiastic about the potential of new technology to accelerate growth trends, with some Internet and mobile communications-based technologies in particular offering less developed countries the opportunity to potentially leapfrog generations of economic change in more mature markets and move directly to efficient modern systems."

2015 Investment Outlook: Emerging Markets Still Global Growth Drivers
January 5, 2015

We at Templeton Emerging Markets Group believe high economic growth rates will remain a key attraction of many emerging markets in 2015. Even with ...
"I can’t say when this current bout of market volatility will end, but I can say, based on decades of experience navigating the markets, that it won’t last forever. And, it will bring potential opportunities for the savvy investor who knows where to look."

Focus on Long-Term Fundamentals, Not Fears
October 28, 2014

Global equity markets have hit a rough patch recently, with volatility intensifying in September and October. Many investors have been concerned ...